Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Leyton Jubilee Park - Love a new playground

So nice to be able to get outdoors again recently and some friends of mine discovered a new local playground to visit. Hooray! There's nothing like letting the kids loose on a new playground to explore, we are lucky to have a playground only a few paces from our house which they still enjoy most of the time but there was a lot of excitement about finding a new place to play.

Lots of improvements going on in Waltham Forest borough especially to improve leisure activities which is great, I say this although I no longer live there but we're still only up the road. 
I'm still in touch with some of the Mums I met when my eldest was born over 7yrs ago and we still manage to meet every Friday or at worst every other Friday either at one of our houses or out and about when the weather allows us to. 
So the other week we all met up at Leyton Jubilee Park, named to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which has had a lot of investment into developing a really great recreation area. It's a really fantastic space. 
They have a giant pirate ship for exploring and a playground area, both suitable for around 3yrs+ primarily but they do have a section suitable for younger ones and loads of open space lots of running around. They have also built a great natural play area with wood structures and lots of hills landscaped into it for climbing and balancing. 
An exercise apparatus section has also been installed separately primarily for elder kids/adults, which is seen in a few parks these days. I think it was Adidas sponsored equipment, they even have some mini exercise equipment in the kids section.

Lots to keep the kids occupied for a range of ages, ours were aged 2 - 7yrs and all loved it. I guess the only disappointment was that there was no cafe or toilet facilities, and apparently no plans for any either, seems a bit crazy. We all decided that we would look into hiring a catering van and roll up to serve tea and cake ourselves! Well anyway if only we could get away with that, we just thought they were surely missing a trick here. And no toilets next to a children's play area? Not their best idea.
The kids loved it here anyway and didn't want to leave, we've been back again since our first visit and I know we'll be back again lots of more. It will be great for a picnic when the weather turns warmer. 
I think I probably know more about the playgrounds and parks in Waltham Forest rather than in my own borough of Redbridge, I need to check out more locally this year and drag my E17 friends over this way. Ray Park is a favourite of ours this way though, good playground and cafe there, but I hear there's also a new playground at Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields, Barkingside that we must check out too so watch this space, I shall report once we visit there soon. 

For more details about Leyton Jubilee Park here: 
Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road, London E10 7BL

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