Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Things Make a Big Difference

It's always encouraging to hear about new treatments and support available for cancer sufferers as I was sadly reminded somewhere on the news this week that 1 in 3 people in the UK will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. This is a terrifying thought and brings with it enormous anxiety and fear for everyone who suffers or is affected.
My Grandad was suddenly taken from us by cancer and my Nan managed to beat it early on in her life thankfully. Whilst there is fortunately a higher survival rate now than there was back then, the news you or a loved one has cancer never gets any easier to take in and whilst we are thankful there are many treatment options for most, this journey in itself is a difficult and painful one for everyone involved. So having a support network around is so important. Whether it be from close friends or family, but also from those who we or the patient may meet along the way, it could be in a hospital waiting room or on a forum of some sort to know they are not alone and to give hope and advice.
AXA PPP healthcare completely understand how much support means to those affected which is why they have just launched a 6 week long focus across their media channels on Cancer support. There is always advice available through their dedicated Cancer Centre but they have also developed at 'little big things' pin board via their Facebook page. This page is intended for absolutely anyone affected by cancer to go on to and share inspirational tips and practical information on coping with treatment and symptoms. It is always the little things which can make a BIG difference to someone. There are lots of very personal and inspirational messages and help on here and one that stood out to me was from Mike in Somerset who explains that he and his wife have beaten cancer 3 times in their lifetime between them and most likely their fortunate outcome to date was from early detection and he urges any readers to consider this and to '...know your body...if you have a problem, see the Doctor. Never be late, always be early.' We all know this is what we should do but we all need reminding to not wait if we notice any changes in our bodies that might be worrying you. You'll find it hard to not read all the posts on there, it's most definitely a positive message board that can only leave you feeling better about what you are having to deal with.

AXA PPP healthcare have also supported this launch with a dedicated nurse service offering advice and support, they have a TV campaign to let people know more, details on their website here. The team offer as much support as someone wants and needs and any tips along the way which may bring a smile in a very emotional and difficult situation....this nurse knows something we don't about Ginger snaps and a cuppa...
You can see more videos from the AXA PPP healthcare team of nurses at their YouTube channel.
Also in conjunction with their cancer support focus, AXA PPP healthcare will be holding a series of live chats on the condition from today 15th, until Friday 19th October with their experts, on all aspects of cancer, from coping with different forms of cancer through to nutrition or supporting a loved one. 
Lots of information can also be found on their main Facebook page and also on their blog. Tips and links will also be communicated through their Twitter page which you can join in with #littlebigthings.
How can you get involved? 
  • Contribute to their Facebook pin board, something you think is little might be exactly the thing someone wants to hear.
  • Join in the live chats this week which are happening all of this week as I mentioned above, users can register to join the ones most suited to them here. One of the experts taking part is AXA PPP healthcare member, Keith Hern, he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004 and chest cancer in 2009. He's written a book called 'Bangers and Mash' and is the perfect person to give advice from a patients point-of-view. Keith will be online on Friday 19th October from 11am until 1pm but do check the list as there are many others that may be relevant for you to join in with.

AXA PPP healthcare offers exceptional cancer support for its members and includes treatment of the condition at every stage, even if it recurs or spreads, no time limits or session limits are set on out-patient consultations, new cancer drugs as soon as they are licensed and a one-to-one dedicated cancer nurse service.

If you think you can make a difference with any advice or would welcome tips from others in your shoes then take advantage and get involved to help make a difference.

This is a sponsored post.

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