Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer getaway: Lake District

Now the school term has ended, I'm realising how much more organised I should have been in months prior to book some breaks away in advance. With this being our first Summer holiday from the school term, and therefore having to follow the rules of taking holiday between certain dates, I think I may have been in slight denial of how restricting it might be and how expensive to get away! Of course there are lots of options close to home and I've been on a search recently for Lake District Hotels in particular as I have been meaning to get to the Lakes for a few years having heard lots of people talk about the area and how stunning it is (whatever the weather...obviously a bonus right now). Outside space for the little ones to roam free, picturesque views for us grown ups to take in and actually once I got to looking into the area further there seems to be a lot more to offer too. The watersports for one - I guess I've been thinking how grim the weather has been lately and so didn't think this would be an option but I've noticed these locations cater for all weathers to entertain their guests, hoorah.
The Low Wood Bay Hotel in particular looks really family friendly as it offers a kids club (Sams Club) which offers a trip on the steam railway and a visit to the Tropical Butterfly House. There's also the Low Wood watersports centre which has every watersport you could imagine wanting to try (if you're braver than me). They happily offer kids menus too along with good rates for children when sharing a room which all helps.
Sam at the pool A steam train coming around the bend in the line Sam playing golf on the grass
I've also discovered the area is famous for having a very special person live there, at Hill Top house which was once owned by the author of the famous Peter Rabbit books, Beatrix Potter. My children (aged 5 and 2) are not quite at the age to thoroughly enjoy the books but I used to love them as a youngster and I would be really curious to see where the author lived especially as the pictures I've seen of the house conjure up such a magical and peaceful place. It looks like such a lovely home to sit and come up with well loved fairytales and whimsical characters. 

Hill Top farm  -  Home of Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter's home
Yes please to all of the above I say. I'd better get a move on with booking up I think. Have you visited a particular location in the English Lakes that you love and would recommend?

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