Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Platypus Australia - UV Protective Swimwear

As it's coming up to that fun in the sun time, well not in this country at the moment that's for sure... but hopefully we will see some sun of a more consistent nature when we go off on our Summer holiday. So, I'm checking off bits we need to take and sun protection is high up on the list. In terms of creams that's all in the bag but I do still get concerned about my kids in the strong sunshine and their delicate skin being exposed even when I'm slapping on the cream more often than they'd like.
That's when I got to looking at the UV protective swimwear that is available for that extra peace of mind and preferably a range that looks good too. Both of those things are covered with the range from Platypus Australia, who offer just the thing for girls and boys ages 2 - 14yrs. I was kindly sent the Girls sunskirt all-in-one swimsuit along with the matching hat to try out on my girlie on a recent weekend break (with indoor pool close by) who is almost 3yrs and LOVES the water. And she was very comfy in her new swimming outfit that's for sure, the fabric is so soft and the detail of the little skirt on the back is so cute, she's a girlie girl so she loved that.
Early morning (7am) swim on recent weekend away. Eyes barely open but always ready for a swim. By the way, I love these little shoes too my girl is wearing, they are from currently on sale at £20, lots of colours for kids and adults, great for a paddle.
I've now been asked by my 5yr old "where's my new swimming stuff Mummy" so having had a browse I shall be ordering up a boys top and bottoms for him from Platypus boys range - which are very smart, he's chosen exactly what he wants from their website...
I shall definitely be worrying less with this extra protective clothing they'll be wearing, you can never be too careful now, we may love that sunshine but it can do so much harm especially at this young age. Platypus have given us some scary but valuable facts any parent should be aware of:

- 90% off all skin cancer can be attributed to the sun
- Less than one third of US children are adequately protected against the sun
- Most people receive 50-80% of their lifetime exposure by the age of 18.
- Most skin cancer appears in adulthood, yet most of the damage occurs in childhood.
- Just one bad blistering sunburn during childhood can double the risk of skin cancer later in life.
- UV rays bounces off sand, snow, concrete and water - and the reflecting rays can cause skin damage.
- A white cotton T-shirt blocks out only about 5% of the rays, and even less when wet.

You can buy the entire range online, take at look at

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