Friday, 15 June 2012

The Hobbit review and giveaway

To celebrate the re-release of one of the most famous and wonderful adventure stories of all time, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, I have 3 copies to giveaway courtesy of Harper Collins Children's Books. You just need to leave a comment below with contact details and I will pick 3 winners on the closing date, 24th June 2012.
This book has of course been read a million times over, across the world as it was first published in 1937 but as any fan like me will know, it is a book that once you have read it, you will cherish, keep it as a treasure on your bookshelf and read again. For many too, it will be a book they will want to read to their children. My son is almost 6yrs old now and he's at the age where his imagination is running wild conjuring up as many adventures as possible! So I felt it was a perfect time to introduce him to this story. 
First of all, his attention was immediately taken with the book cover of this edition, it's a clever and enchanting image that captures the story about to unfold. He wanted to know more and when I mentioned the words 'magical adventure' he was completely sold. 
Since then we have been reading the book a little at a time to him at bedtime, it's the best time we find to get a decent amount of concentration time out of him and what amazing dreams he must be having listening to it before snoozing off to the land of Z's! 

The story in brief is the unforgettable journey of Bilbo Baggins, a contented Hobbit, who is taken out of his comfortable quiet life when he is paid a visit by the wizard Gandalf and a band of dwarves. Bilbo's life is never to be the same again as he embarks on an adventure which will lead him to treasure but also to face the dangerous Smaug the dragon. It is an absolute classic and timeless tale that really appeals to all ages and it is no wonder that with each new generation there are more and more readers that become entranced with Tolkien's story of The Hobbit and then subsequent adventures of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
J.R.R. Tolkien has such an amazing writing style, you totally feel like you are on the journey with him as he tells it. It's descriptions are simple yet so detailed and vivid you can easily imagine how everything looks in your mind's eye when reading which is a joy, a joy at any age but especially for a child. As the adventure unfolds it just seems to have the right measure of magic to draw you in, and then plenty of troublesome obstacles to keep you engrossed to find out what happens next. If you have not read it, do think about picking up a copy (or leave me a comment to try and win one!), if not for just yourself then for you to read to your children, they will be totally taken by it I assure you! Plus the UK cinema release is coming up (14th December 2012) and so even more reason to read it before you see the film.
My son loves the map at the beginning of the book which we have to explore every time we pick it up!

Giveaway - Leave a comment to win 1 of 3 copies I have to giveaway!

So if you would like to own a copy, or perhaps you already do but would love to own this most recently published edition, do leave me a comment below and you could be 1 of 3 lucky winners I will pick on 24th June 2012. Don't forget to leave a means of contact.
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  1. My older brother read this to me as a night-time story when I was seven years old. I still count that as a seminal moment in my literary childhood. Can't recommend it enough.

  2. I loved this as a child and will definitely be introducing it to the boys. It is a timeless story.

  3. This was one of my all time favourite books as a child, I read this to my own children.

  4. I like the Hobbit it is a great read. A good book for all ages.