Monday, 18 June 2012

Free Ladybird books with McCain Smiles

A fantastic book promotion starts today launched by McCain Smiles in collaboration with the National Literary Trust and Ladybird books.
All you need to do is collect two unique codes from special promotional packs available across all supermarkets and enter these online at, (there are 6 classic Ladybird stories to choose from*) and you will be sent your chosen book free of charge.
There are 100,000 books to be given away as part of the promotion which they have set up to celebrate and encourage parents reading more to their children.
We all know we should, but sometimes other things get in the way don't they, but just a short time every day spent with your child reading will really make a difference to encourage their enjoyment and development, sometimes we just need a reminder to put that time aside, I know I do.
McCain have got together a 'Mum's book club video where they chat about what works for them in terms of reading with their children, the right time, what they choose to read etc. A representative from the National Literacy Trust, Abigail Moss, also features in teh video to give her views on the challenges and joys of reading to your chlidren. Have a watch for their views and some tips...

My two children I can see are already are very different in their love of reading. My 5yr old is just learning to read, he's never been a fan as a young child to sit down with me to read a story, and now he's learning it's not much different, so, what works for us is to let him make the choice of what he wants to read then we know he will sit still and listen! Whether it be as one of the parents mentioned in the video, a magazine he enjoys even or a new book from school. My 2yr old has always loved books, she'll happily sit browsing through a book on her own really taking it all in and now always wants to be involved when she knows her big brother is sitting down for a story, whatever the book is. She will just shout out words she recognises hearing or pictures she sees on the pages, it's encouraging for me to see she already enjoys it.
Here is the set of Ladybird books you can choose from in the promotion, see picture above. They are classic fairytales that we all would have read as youngsters ourselves which I find encourages my children further when they know we are reading a book myself or their Dad loved as a child. You can find out more information and top tips at

Win a set of Ladybird books to read with your children

Please leave me a comment with your top tip for reading with your children below (along with contact details) and the best tip will win a brilliant set of Ladybird books. Closing date for comments will be 29th June 2012.
*The Ladybird books included in the on-pack promotion are Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs.
This giveaway has now closed.

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  1. The Ladybird series are an integral part of any childhood, including mine.