Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's fair to say most of my friends love to bake. It's quite a 'mum' thing I think but also highly fashionable these days to bake isn't it? I'm not always great at it but I love trying new recipes as much as I can. Let me say very quickly, these amazing cake pictures right here...are not mine, I wish! Read on...
Rainbow Cupcakes
I also love eating my friend Lisa's cakes as much as possible as she is a very talented (and modest) baking queen and am pleased she has finally started a baking blog to record her amazing bakes. Lisa lives in London but born in Sweden and so takes lots of inspiration from Scandinavian recipes and blogs. Not sure where she fits the time in with 3 children 5yrs and under but I think secretly she might be Superwoman so she just does manage to fit it all in. 
I know it's a great escape for her from the Mummy thing too though, it's her great passion other than her babies, and she will try, try and try again until she gets her bakes perfect too. We (me and my other mum-chums) should know, we get to eat her 99.9% perfect rejects, lucky us!
He blog is in it's early months but it's long overdue, this lady is talented, follow her! She would love to bake you a cake to order too so do ask. She makes a mean raspberry macaroon too. 
Check out her site at and follow Lisa on Twitter @lisa_cakealot

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