Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Banksy hits Poundland

A new Banksy artwork popped up this week in London. It can be found (for now) on the wall of the Poundland shop in Wood Green, on the corner of the High Road and Whymark Avenue. 
The image depicts a young boy, working on a sewing machine barefoot, and attached to a pipe on the wall, is some cheap union jack bunting to envisage the boy is sewing it on the machine. Very clever. The bunting was earlier fixed right up the wall but has now become attached as per above. In fact I very much doubt the bunting is still there now. Probably on Ebay by now. 
Apparently Poundland, the shop wall that the artwork appears, were accused a couple of years ago for buying product from a supplier using cheap child labour in India. Very well placed and thought out image then, and throw in some union jack bunting, couldn't be more current and clever and Banksy could it? 
Well this website claiming to be his own says it is, although I'm not so sure this is for real? Banksy has been so carefully secretive and now he has a blog and a Pinterest page? I doubt it. Nice that some fan out there though is keeping us all up to date.

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