Saturday, 7 April 2012

Where next, maybe Cyprus?

Akamas Peninsula
I've really been trying to be more organised this year with planning activities for us as a family whether it just be days out at the weekends or with trips away if budget allows. Now my eldest is at school the school term times obviously dictate when we can go away so this has encouraged me further to try and plan ahead. We have in fact just returned from a city break to Barcelona which we booked last year to visit family for a birthday celebration. Amazing city, had a great time, report to follow! Now we are home with a bump (4hr flight delay ugh) I'm immediately thinking what I can plan in next for us all to look forward to. Especially we've been looking at locations aimed more so at families but still with lots going on for us grown ups to check out which is why we've started looking at Cyprus holidays primarily. 
My other half has not been to Cyprus before but I spent a few months there in my youth, 1997 to be exact, with my best pal, and it holds good memories. But yes we were young and we were looking for the cheapest place for a Long Island Ice Tea and then the closest place to lay our heads!...however I have not forgotten how beautiful the island is. Now my priorities have changed for my holiday planning (well not that much, some good house wine and a short stroll to bed are still at the top of the list) I start to look more at what else the location offers now we have kids as they will obviously not want to stay in one place every day! To be honest as much as we need a rest, we too want to have the option to explore or we would be bored too.
Seafood meze
One of our main passions is cooking and food and as Cyprus has lots of amazing fresh delicious food on offer this is also another draw for us. We love Greek food and Cypriot cuisine being in the same vein I know we would be happy indeed. Kleftiko and Moussaka are probably my favourite dishes but you can get some amazing Cypriot style meze meals I remember too where you can sample a whole host of dishes.

There's also some food items in Cyprus I would love to stock up on including honey which is great value there and also olive oil, did you know a healthy mature olive tree can produce around 70 litres of oil?! Well there you go. I have read that a great factory to seek out for olive oil is hereAlso I would love to see where they make the lace the island is famous for, I hear that Lefkara village near Larnaca is famously a great place to visit to see it being made first hand. Would love to find the time to see the traditional craftmakers at work.
Nissi Beach
As for family, well for mine, I know they would be happy to venture no further than the beach every day, I remember Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa was, although busy at peak times, an amazing beach. But there are plenty of special beaches to explore. There's also the Akamas Peninsula which I would love to visit, it is on the northwest tip of the island and is said to be the most untouched area on the island with lots of wildlife and beautiful landscapes to admire. Boat trips, bike riding, even kayaking, are some of the activities on offer in this area. Oh and there's also the Aprodite Water Park in Paphos which would absolutely be a must for the kids, they would love it! 
OK, all this talk is encouraging me further to get on and book something. It was a joy to see my little ones happy as can be on the beach in the sunshine last week, can't wait to do that again. Hmmm how many sleeps?

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  1. Enjoyed Cyprus loads last year with the kiddos - but it was SUPER HOT!!! x