Sunday, 22 April 2012

Marilyn at Getty Images Gallery

I managed to catch the Marilyn exhibition last week at the Getty Images Gallery on Eastcastle Street, W.1. 
Fortunately it is around the corner to my work and one lunchbreak I stumbled across it and got lost in Marilyn's glamorous but emotional life for a little while. I'm not an especially huge fan of hers but you can't help but be fascinated by her life and she always looks naturally beautiful when photographed of course.
The exhibition is a collection of both photography and also original costumes Marilyn wore which Getty have displayed to commemorate 50yrs since her untimely death. The iconic photography, whilst there are a number of them that you will most likely have seen before, even if you're not a fan, (such as the above photo which I love), there is a really extensive display of photos from her life I have never seen and I'm really glad I stopped by to see them. What a life she had. 
I only had my phone on me and so the pictures on this post are not great but still it gives you a glimpse and hopefully will encourage you to visit.

This photo was touching as the caption explained that here she was putting on a costume for a parade but it was too small for her and she got really upset, how sad with the figure she had to feel like this!

Here are some of the costumes, it's quite special to see these up close, a fair bit of wear and tear unfortunately but still they are stunning.

I went to a previous Getty Images exhibition showing archive pictures of East London called The Street - some great imagery. I admire the skill in any photographer that can capture a moment which tells it's own little story in just that one picture and so many of the photos in this East London collection did just that. 

The 'Marilyn' collection of photography is still on for a while at both Eastcastle Street, W.1. gallery (until 23rd May) and also at Westfield Stratford City (until 3rd June) gallery. You can purchase reproductions of any of the prints too.
I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for the next exhibition they hold, I'm loving them. I haven't purchased yet but have been tempted! 
For more details about the Getty Images exhibitions visit Getty Images Gallery

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