Monday, 30 April 2012

Feather & Black - Dinos and PJs

My son is 5yrs old and we've always tried as much as possible to read a story at bedtime. No we're not perfect, it doesn't always happen, sometimes as all parents know the lead up to actually being ready for bed is such a performance there is little time or patience for a story! But we do try. My son is starting to read himself at school now, which I think is amazing for such a little thing, so he is more into reading and especially a good story. Oh no, we can't get away with any old book. And when it comes to PJs (in fact any clothing), it's all about being 'soft' and 'cosy'. Seriously, he knows what he likes.
Luckily enough then we were kindly sent a pair of Dinosaur pyjamas and a copy of 'David the Dinosaur' children's book from Feather & Black who have a pretty special range of furniture and nightwear for children (and grown ups - not the nightwear, just furniture for grown ups!). This is their first book release though and is written by their Managing Director, Adam Black. Adam has 4 young boys of his own and they hate bedtime. He came up with a silly story to read to them which he knew they would enjoy and decided to get it published and here it is.
"...David the Dinosaur didn't like dogs, He didn't like cats or horses or frogs, He didn't like to tidy his box of toys, But he really liked eating plump little boys...."

Whilst this book has not been in our house for long, it's already a favourite by both my son and 2yr old daughter. It's even been taken to school to be read to the class when they had Dinosaur week just before Easter! I don't always love the same books they do...but honestly this is a genuinely fun and sweet story. I love that it rhymes throughout (my son or any 5yr old is excited about how clever words can be which is lovely), the illustrations are great and the story has just enough detail for a young child to understand. We love too that there is a little quiz on the back page which asks you to count how many chameleons you can see hidden throughout the book and other questions about bits you've remembered. We go back to this sometimes first before reading the story.

How great to also have a pair of pyjamas to wear with a fave story! My son thought that was a complete novelty. I was not surprised by the great quality of the pyjamas, as we've been using the Feather & Black bed linen for a while and that impresses too. Not only are the pyjamas cute in design, the fabric is really soft. Not like that horrible thin stuff you get with some character pyjamas, these Feather & Black pyjamas felt that little bit thicker and they wash great too. They pass the 'cosy' test I'm told! 

The girls range is gorgeous too, how sweet is this Betty Bow Nightdress:
Happy bedtimes all round with our dinosaur themed story and PJs. I'm all for a comfortable and enjoyable journey to bed, young or old.

Feather & Black children's nightwear is available in their stores and online here. ‘David the Dinosaur’ is available from all Feather & Black stores priced at £6.99 or can be ordered online here. There is an offer currently on their website where you can receive 10% off their spring prices, the offer ends on May 7th, 2012, see their site for full terms and conditions.

You can check out my other reviews of the Feather & Black range here for bed linen and here for their Noah Toy Box.

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