Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt a la Woodford Green

So we had a little Easter Egg hunt at the weekend at home for the kids and their 3 cousins who came over. To be honest it was only my eldest (5yrs) who knew what was going on as the others were younger but still they loved chasing him around the garden finding chocolate. They didn't have any complaints that's for sure as long as there was enough to go round.
I've not done the whole egg hunt thing at home before, we've never really gone mad on Easter except for just the Chocolate egg treats, although we have been to an egg hunt or 2 in recent years at friends and it's been great fun. But I would definitely try and do it again next year, with a little more preparation, the kids loved it. Shame about the drizzly weather but it didn't put them off.
Ah yes and we had freshly baked hot cross buns that my OH made too, yum.

Here's some snaps below of the kids, looking forward to next year and taking up some of these ideas I found (too late) online:
 - How to make an egg hunt map (or any type of map for playing) see here
 - Visit for lots of games and ideas and also downloads.
 - has some great ideas for dying eggs different colours then trying a game of egg bowling (yes really)
 - There are also stacks of ideas for Easter (or any time) including crafts and games at the Nurture Store website, I especially like Easter Bunny Lollipops recipe on there.

"Have you found them? Dish them out then."
"I have definitely seen some in here"
"Catch" I hung some eggs from the washing line taped onto streamers then pegged up on the line. Kids grabbed them in a race to get the most at the end.

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  1. Errr hello - clues? that is so organised Mrs G! Our's was a total the rain. Blur.