Monday, 12 March 2012

'We Bought A Zoo' Review and Giveaway

I went to see a preview of a film called 'We Bought a Zoo' which is soon to hit UK cinemas from March 16th
It is from acclaimed Director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) based on a real-life story of a man called Benjaman Mee who wants a new start for himself and his two young children since losing his wife. He starts by looking for a new home, somewhere they can start over and they do find themselves a home they love, but it's not that simple, this house, yes you guessed it, is part of a zoo.

Benjamin Mee (played by Matt Damon) initially turns it down but in seeing how much particularly his daughter was so happy there he throws everything to caution and went for it. They did indeed buy a zoo!

The story continues to tell the journey the family go through in trying to bring the zoo back to life with the help of the existing staff at the zoo (Scarlett Johansson plays the Zookeeper) and how it brings them closer as a family. It's quite an emotional rollercoaster for them and for anyone in the audience too I would say! I did shed a tear or two myself but saying that it is ultimately a feel good film. I actually do not mind at all when a film makes me emotional like this as it goes to show you the actors are doing a great job in drawing you into their family's story. Yes it is tragic how the story began but very happy and inspiring to watch their adventure unfold. Good to have a little cry sometimes at a film anyway, let it all out!

Keep reading below for my prize giveaway but you take a look at the trailer here:

I thought Matt Damon played a father brilliantly, especially considering we normally see him in an action role, but he fits into this role very naturally and relates well with the 2 young children who I thought acted really well in it too. The young girl Rosie (played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones) is super cute and the son Dylan (played by Colin Ford) is very Bieber-ish so of course the young girl working at the zoo falls for him despite his moody teenage-ness. Dylan's mood is actually lifted by him finally opening up to his Dad about how he is feeling and his Dad encourages him to find just 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery and see where it gets you. He says that's all you need, 20 seconds of courage and it can make all the difference.
This is a key message in the film and something Benjamin Mee obviously used in his own unhappy situation he was faced with and fortunately for him he found the courage to go for what he wanted and what he believed in and now he is living the dream adventure he always wanted to.
I personally thought it was a great film overall, it is one for all the family, for the grown ups to feel inspired and for the kids (probably from about age 8/9yrs I would say) to understand what you can achieve by being brave and going for it.
If I could choose to go on an adventure or indulge in a life change myself I think I would go back to college to learn from scratch all about printmaking and set up a studio for me to live my dream and be creative. Oh and have a cake shop on the side so I wouldn't miss my baking! Actually that sounds like quite hard work doesn't it, but oooh I'd be happy! 
You can find out more about the film at the We Bought A Zoo official Facebook page

You can even visit the real Dartmoor Zoo that the film is based on which is located in Plymouth, Devon, UK see their website for more details.

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  1. Sell up, buy a wreck of a house that needs some TLC, scour junk shops, reclaimation yards and auctions and do it up leisurely.

  2. My life dream would be to move to France and open a cafe.
    k [dot] pinder [at] hotmail [dot] couk

  3. Live a long healthy life, live nearer my indepdent children/grandchildren and not work anymore! Does this mean a lottery win! lol.


  4. Open a fabulous cafe/bookshop/gallery full of comfortable sofas, beautiful pictures, second-hand books and lots and lots of deliciously lovely cakes.