Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How much are your Chores Worth?

I had a couple of nights away from home recently and it was lovely but it was a strange feeling not reaching for the washing basket or sitting down at the computer to check bills have been paid and oh I could go on and on. It did make me realise how much of my time is taken up by home 'stuff' and actually yes I think I am actually very useful at home and hopefully missed when I'm not there! 
It was very good timing that I found out about this new fun app from Your Cover Insurance called Chores Worth app. Basically you can enter your details and find out how much the chores you do around the house are actually worth. Then you can also enter details for other members of your household too. The app then works out for you what those chores are really worth in value and therefore who is worth the most in your household. It was good fun and certainly made me feel a whole lot better about what I was worth at home!

Allianz Your Cover insurance have carried out all sorts of research to discover funny and interesting facts people have told them about their home chores such as... "Our poll found that ironing, washing and cleaning are the most disliked chores which Brits would happily pass onto someone else. We also found that nearly half (45%) of Mums and Dads have caused damage whilst carrying out chores.  We recommend that parents check their accidental cover on their home insurance policies as less than four in ten of our customers have opted for accidental damage cover which would ensure they are protected.”

You can download the Chores Worth app for both Apple and Android devices. You can also download or find out more information on the Your Cover insurance app page.

It's also worth checking out the Your Cover Insurance Facebook page as they have a fantastic giveaway with all kinds of goodies to help keep your home clean and comfortable such as Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, De’Longhi Magnifica coffee brewers and also some iTunes vouchers and Bose SoundDocks to help you unwind with some music once your home is clean and tidy! You need to 'Like' their Facebook page to enter and the giveway closes on 31st March 2012.

You will find lots of information on here about Your Cover insurance home insurance policies which are set up to suit your own lifestyle and circumstances and to keep you peace of mind to protect your cherished home and contents.

Visit for more information and download the Chores Worth app for Apple here or for Android here - it's really good fun and makes you feel much better about all the housework you think gets un-noticed! 

This is a sponsored post.

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