Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Face Britain

This week in our house we learnt about Face Britain which is a national project set up by The Prince's Foundation for Children & The Arts encouraging young people aged 4 - 16yrs to submit their own self portrait. Their aim is to not only break a world record by creating the biggest online self portrait gallery but every portrait will be used to create a montage of HM The Queen that will be projected onto Buckingham Palace. 
My son's school have taken part and this week we were able to take a peek online at our children's self portrait collages they had made, my 5yr old son's is above! It reminds me of Bert from Sesame Street!...but I love it, the hair makes me laugh. He was very excited to see his artwork online and also at the thought of The Queen having it up on her 'house' as he calls it with all his friends artwork too. Not something he can really get his head around totally but he is excited all the same. I think it's a great project for children of all ages to be involved in and glad my son's school took part.

The project has many supporting celebs and companies too including Photobox who have come on board to offer a range of products that you can order with your self portrait on such as mugs, mousemats or T-shirts. I am kind of tempted I must admit as I'm proud of my son's portrait effort bless him! 

Face Britain is accepting portraits until 31st March 2012, you can find out all you need to know at

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  1. I can certainly imagine adding this collage set to a shirt. It makes a statement and good design too; so long as the materials hold out.