Monday, 20 February 2012

Another Birthday A Great & Easy Cake

An earlier version of Jamie's 'party cake' made for my husband's birthday
I took the turn of birthday girl recently. It was a hectic day but there was cake so all was A-OK. 
We generally have to have chocolate cake when it comes to birthdays in our house as are the rules of my 5yr old son. I went through a phase of cooking Nigella's Chocolate Birthday cake, the recipe is from her 'How To Eat' book, you can also find it here. It's easy and it tastes really good, looks impressive too with it's shiny ganache.
Jamie Oliver's Party Cake - work in progress
However I found another recently, similar but yummier in my opinion as I love the addition of the berries and cream. It's the 'party cake' from Jamie Oliver's 'The Return of the Naked Chef' book. Remember that one? Yes he's had about 10 more cook books by now hasn't he? So I have made this one a couple of times before and it was the cake of choice for my birthday. You can find the recipe here, someone has posted it on Jamie's forum on his site.
My birthday cake, decorated with pearly balls around the edge and tiny edible gold stars
There may be no smile in this picture but the cake was definitely a hit with my daughter.
Other festivities apart from cake included a trip to Pizza Express with our 2yr old (5yr old was living it up watching Wizard of Oz with Auntie and Nanny) which was made even nicer for the free bottle of wine they gave me for my birthday. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter, they emailed me a voucher the week before my birthday offering a free bottle of red or white wine or Prosecco. Pretty good birthday treat from them I think, shame to waste it. 
Myself and my husband then had a stroll up to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes whilst my Mum babysat for us. Slightly struggled to keep my eyes open, not because of the film, although the start was a little slow, definitely was worth the extra bit of energy it took to get out of the house.
I was spoilt with lovely things including clothes, picture frames (must frame more photos this year, must must must), a lovely book about printing by hand, a coffee machine (not a good drink to be encouraged to drink I know...but at this point in my life when sleep is hard to come by, a posh coffee machine is exciting and lovely and needed). 
Dragged it out a bit further and enjoyed meeting up with friends in the week too for girl-y drinks and lots of laughs. Good times.

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