Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Green Giant - 5-a-Day Hamper winner

I recently ran a competition in conjunction with Green Giant asking my readers to share their advice and tips on getting your kids to eat their 5-a-day, not an easy one. I'm pleased to announce the winner is Denise Harris from Walthamstow, London.

Denise commented:

"Hi I know myself what a struggle it is to ensure they get their 5 a day. I still remember my mum telling my brother that if he ate all his sweetcorn he would be big and strong like the green giant! I always try and make veg seem fun by using fun names like broccoli trees and tomato wheels, it works some of the time at least. As for the hidden veg sauces - what a great idea I shall certainly be trying that."

It is a tactic I am certainly trying more at home. Some other comments were:

- "...always put veg on their plates at all mealtimes and eventually they will start trying it. I live in hope... "

- "...I remember turning sausages & mash with peas into a hedgehog when I was little > seemed to work, I loved peas...."

Thanks to all those who commented and well done Denise.

Before you go, see below a little Christmas message from Green Giant:

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