Wednesday, 30 November 2011

High-5 the Giant - Green Giant Manchester Event

As per my earlier post Green Giant set up a huge interactive roadshow in Manchester where families could take part and encourage their children to High-5 the Giant on the big screen! It took place on 29th and 30th of October and the simple message of the show was to encourage kids to get their 5-a-day everyday. 

There was a lot of excitement and it was an amazing success! Over 190 families gave the Giant a High-5. It was so much more realistic than I had imagined, the children had a true projection of the Giant next to them that they could pretend to High-5. You can visualise it better by checking out some highlights of the day here:

Award-winning athlete Colin Jackson was there too meeting the crowds, High-5-ing the giant and hurdling a....can you guess? Yes a Giant sweetcorn of course! 
You can find out tons more info about the Green Giant event and advice on encouraging your little ones to get their 5-a-day with recipe ideas and all sorts at the Green Giant Facebook page.

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  1. Love the high five, how cute! Great idea to make the Green Giant into a superhero figure.