Sunday, 23 October 2011

Getting your 5-a-day - Win a Green Giant hamper

Green Giant are currently setting out to help families to enjoy their 5-a-day every day. This is something I do honestly struggle with in my house. My 5yr old is a complete fusspot and is very pick-y about what he'll eat and how his food looks. My 2yr old is a much better eater thank goodness however she has her moments and is just reaching that stage of not wanting to try something new on her plate. She also notices more now about what her big brother is eating and not eating and therefore taking the same decision herself. I dread that she will continue this habit but somehow I don't think she will, my girl loves her food too much.
As we are all very aware, there's nothing more nutritious for our kids than fresh veg. It really makes me smile to see my children eat vegetables, not only because it's a fairly rare occurrence...but because I know how much goodness is going into their growing little bodies.
Fortunately my two do like sweetcorn, it's been a slow burner for my 5yr old but he's come around to liking corn over the past couple of months, phew. It's a big relief as there's very few other vegetables he will eat.
However there's still a few tricks I find that work for me in terms of encouraging vegetables to be eaten more often and this normally always includes hiding them somehow. So, either by including them in savoury muffins such as sweetcorn and ham (OK they're not sweet but we still call them cakes to the kids). Add to pasta sauces and blend if need be so no lumps are noticed, or similarly make into a soup and blend until smooth. I also make fruit crumble quite regularly as whilst my two are generally more keen on fruit, I can still include fruits in a crumble that they wouldn't eat on their own (such as rhubarb and ginger, yum).
You can find out lots more tips from other parents along with some great recipes too on the Green Giant Facebook page

What would your best tips be for encouraging kids to to eat their 5-a-day?

Please tell me what your favourite tips or tricks might be (by leaving a comment below) as to how you encourage your children to enjoy their fruit and vegetables? Or any problems you face with this issue and how you deal with them?
My favourite comment will win a Green Giant hamper which will include a fresh Abel & Cole seasonal vegetable box along with a selection of Green Giant products for you to try out some of their tips.

Competition Terms & Conditions: For your chance to win an Abel & Cole vegetable box , write your best tips/hints/advice in the blogger comment box before the 14/11/2011. Entrants must be over 18 and residents of the UK or ROI - Prize is one Abel & Cole vegetable box (no cash alternative) -There will be 1 winner. The winning post will be decided based on the following criteria: uniqueness/creativity/originality. By entering the competition, you agree that your hint/tip may be shared on Green Giant’s Facebook page and used by Green Giant in any other media.

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  1. Hi I know myself what a struggle it is to ensure they get their 5 a day. I still remember my mum telling my brother that if he ate all his sweetcorn he would be big and strong like the green giant! I always try and make veg seem fun by using fun names like broccoli trees and tomatoe wheels, it works some of the time at least. As for the hidden veg sauces - what a great idea I shall certainly be trying that.

  2. 5 a day? I try but it's more like 5 a week at the moment! The only veg that passes my picky ladies lips is indeed sweetcorn (and maybe a couple of peas on a good day!) I read ages ago that you should always put veg on their plates at all mealtimes and eventually they will start trying it. I live in hope...

  3. I remember turning sausages & mash with peas into a hedgehog when I was little > seemed to work, I loved peas. Think sweetcorn was next, was so fussy with veg then and now I love it. Well apart from brussel sprouts, would still say a very loud yuk to those now!