Friday, 21 October 2011

Feather & Black Official Tester

I'm so pleased to have been chosen as an official tester of Feather & Black's childrens bedroom furniture range.
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Fulham Road store to be given an introduction to the company, meet the people behind the products and take a look at their fantastic range close up.
They started the company in 2003 when it was purely aimed at the grown ups. But only a year later they developed their children's bedroom furniture range and had an amazing reaction to it which you can appreciate why when you see the furniture in the flesh. I know it sounds obvious but it's so easy these days to order online in haste without seeing your purchase directly, even furniture if you're in a hurry for it (I'm at least guilty of it anyway). I would urge anyone to try and get to their local Feather & Black store if you are considering buying any furniture for your childrens rooms (or yours for that matter) any time soon. They have 36 stores across the country, you just need to obviously check the store first has the kids range or the specific item you have your eye on on display. However even just to see the quality of any of the range I imagine would be reassurance enough.
The Noah range is their best-selling range and I was kindly sent the Noah Toy Box to try out at home. See above, my little girl showing some love for the toy box on it's arrival. We love this piece of furniture, the kids thought it looked great, the paint finish is really nice and the star cut-out on the front is such a sweet detail.
Whilst it looks great, it also goes without saying how useful it is as storage, our box lives in the kids bedroom and it's such a good size (W80cm x D50cm x H50cm) to throw everything in at the end of the day. A great looking toy box to hide the mess.
When I have looked at this kind of toy box in the past, it seems ridiculous, but still not all have the safety mechanism to ensure the lid closes slowly and safely but the Noah toy box has really sturdy hinges so there are no worries there at all. For extra reassurance too, the side and front top edges of the box are sunken, so even more reason that little fingers cannot get trapped once the lid closes.
I can tell this box is going to last us a while, even if it is in kids room, where of course it will have it's fair share of love and battering. However as it's made (as is all Feather & Black kids furniture) from solid Poplar wood, you can tell by the look and feel that it will last. Who knows, it may even be of use to me as a blanket box when the day comes that there are less toys in our house. Can't imagine that day quite yet but there is hope!
Feather & Black I think are definitely a brand you can trust if you're looking for  children's bedroom furniture. When we met the team at the store, it was really reassuring to hear how much consideration they put into their products. They care about the quality and the product not only withstanding wear and tear from children but also lasting by growing with the child. 
In addition to furniture there is lots more in the Feather & Black range including some very cute accessories such as these apple lamps above that I spotted on my visit (£35 each). But also rugs, hooks, fabric storage baskets and gorgeous bedlinen and nightwear too.

I really liked this car bed linen, very cute too (£40 for single duvet set).

It was very difficult not to love everything in the store really, it all looked so good, but hey that's their job isn't it? Throw a load more toys in the store and OK it may look a bit more cluttered but the furniture is so good looking you can't help falling for it. I know my Noah toy box is going to help make my life easier and it also really compliments the kids bedroom too, bonus.

See all the Feather & Black childrens furniture range here


  1. Thanks for the posting the pictures. I just got an idea of what I want my kid's room to look like.

  2. I have a cute little daughter at home and I think she'd absolutely love to have her room look like that. All that's left now is to convince my wife to agree to redecorate.

  3. That is one of the best ways to decorate your children's bedroom. I like how you worked on it to look as cute as that.

  4. It sure looks like she likes having the box in her room. Speaking of which, I just thought of a few other places where that box might come in handy, like the garage and in the backyard, even if I'd have to keep it covered.

  5. Oh look at that sweetie! Aside from the glow I get from that beautiful kid's face, what amazes me more is the beauty of that place! I wish I have the same property painters for my house. lovely!

    1. Is this the latest one? If yes, thanks for the first hand details here

  6. I think any furniture given some flick of imagination can transform into a work of art. One thing's for sure, anyone would really love a furniture that has color and witty idea.