Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stella McCartney Kids A/W 2011

I went to the launch of Stella McCartney Kids new collection this week. Very excited I was to check it out, but I went, very unfortunately, without my 2 children, who would have had the time of their lives at the set up they had going on! I felt sooo guilty walking around without them beside me enjoying it all (who am I to take up the hook the duck challenge...and I doubt they would have allowed me on the helter skelter..). They had a popcorn machine, Scaletrix track, wall of mirrors, Buckeroo, all sorts.
One of those moments where you walk around loads of happy families with kids and you want to shout "I've got 2 kids at home who would absolutely love this too!" instead of feeling like a bit of spare part.
Anyway once I got over the fact I was at a massively amazing child friendly fashion launch without my tots I took in a few sights, checked out which coolest of cool kids were strutting Stella's garms, then made my leave. 
Here's some highlights: 

 Totally unrelated to children's fashion yes, sorry, but I start with the food table. Nom.
 Look how pretty these vegetable crudites look, and how they will stay looking until the end of the event. Purely there for the sake of impressing the parents. Whose child would choose a carrot stick over a lollipop next to it? That child deserves a medal if they do. Amazing food display though.
 They had a box of dressing up outfits outside the cab, then you could duck inside to get your photo taken.
 Pony rides and everything.

 Helter Skelter fun.
Managed to at least grab one of Stella's child models in a Stella Kids dress. They were running around the place. This little one had the cutest cowboy boots on too.

 This was my one celeb shot, Laura Bailey was there with her little girl, she looked very cool and pretty and having a good time.
Then Stella and Kate posed for me too. OK so that's a fib, Stella and Kate turned up after I left to enjoy the fun, shame I missed them.

You can find out more about the new range at the Stella McCartney Kids website

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  1. This party has a lot of entertainment and wonderful food stalls for kids. The popcorn machine in the corner never stopped making popcorn for kids. I love their popcorn because it was so delicious and crunchy. It even made me wanna buy commercial popcorn machines for sale and put up my own popcorn business.