Monday, 5 September 2011

E17 Art Trail

Myself and the kids had the pleasure of visiting some friends who were holding a Craft fair in conjunction with the E17 Art Trail this weekend. The Trail is an opportunity for the artists of Waltham Forest to showcase what they do to a wider audience. This year they have 300 listings in 60 venues, representing over 1200 artist and contributors. It's a special thing they've created, good on them. 

Hardy & Scott deliciously lovely cakes. How could you resist the above display? I could not that's for sure.
Drawings by Sarah Hardy - stunning detail.

 Seams Significant - some of Catherine's amazing patchwork, sewing creations.

Photographer Alex Bell's Faceless Portraits - visit Desire Salon on Orford Rd to see more.

The E17 Trail is on now until 11th September 2011. Do check out the above links to see where you can see the girls work on display and when or contact them for more info. There's lots more to see too, just check the main E17 Art Trail website. I would love to eventually pull my socks up and create some lovely printwork or cards to display at this fair but not sure what the rules are now I've moved out of the area...?! Come on Redbridge, are you doing something equally creative and great for artists in your area that I don't know about? Would love to join in and have something to aspire to in my area. Well done all who are involved in this E17 event, wish you every success. 

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