Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day at the beach

Good times had by all last week on an extremely sunny Westcliff Beach. A fairly last minute get together with my 'Mum chums' was organised when we saw the weather forecast - a beach trip which we had been meaning to do together all Summer. We all met almost 5yrs ago when our eldest children were born, so this was perfect timing to get the gang out for a lovely day before we send them off to school this week! Can hardly believe it! It only seems like yesterday we were all sat in a lovely NCT volunteer's front room, eating cake and getting to know each other and our newborns and confronting what we had ahead of us! It's been so nice that our group have kept in touch and the kids have loved it too. It may take a bit more organisation than normal to organise after school meet-ups but I know we will all make the effort to try as much as possible. For our own sanity if not only the children's...! Let the weekly (OK maybe bi-weekly in reality) supper club commence.
Anyway back to the beach, so glad we got here anyway, the kids had a great time and made up for the beach time we did not get in rain-y Portugal earlier this Summer! 
Some pics from the day...

When we arrived the tide was out to our dismay as we saw the sludge of the beach we had landed on. In a matter of maybe 2 hours though the tide came in and the kids were in too.

My girl happy as a sandboy(girl) collecting stones in her bucket.
My boy going for a dip.
Our gang
"Take a picture of my ice-cream to show Daddy!" OK.

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  1. So lovely that you have all kept in touch! My group fragmented somewhat but I still keep in touch with one mum - it's great to keep the connections going,