Thursday, 29 September 2011

Birthdays and Changes

There's been loads going on over the past week or so, it's been a bit bonkers. My son (5 on Monday!) started big boy school, yikes. He's enjoying it, I think, we don't get told much by him but nothing bad being reported back so I take that as a good thing. The obligatory school uniform shot at the front door on his first day...
So with my daughter also turning 2 last week it's been a bit of a birthday spectacular and we've had various celebrations over the past week which has been rather a big blur of cake and wrapping paper and surprised faces. Good fun, but pretty tired now! 
My not so little baby girl with her Jessie doll present, she's a Jessie fan....with her big bro trying to get his hands on it first, funny that.
We went out for a bite on her actual birthday with family, she had a brilliant time.
Walk to school.
My girl getting some tips from big brother on how to blow out the candles.
We had a little joint party for them both, doesn't the garden look pretty with the bunting my Mum made?
 My girls fave present I think, her drawing easel. Really pleased with finding this for a great price at - it's the 'Melissa & Doug Deluxe Children's Wooden Easel'. It was from Nanny Liza & Geoff, thank you.
As for my boy, he's had soooo many presents! Much excitement all round bless him. I on the other hand am feeling the urgent need for a toy clear out to make room for all these new ones, wowsers.
Last but by no means I can't go without showing off the birthday cakes I slaved over, I mean whipped up quickly for the party which I am very proud of...
My boy had his eye on a hedgehog cake in the supermarket and he was not convinced I could make one...ta daaa! So there, I can. I shall be doing another post about how I made this later (from my Mum's 1980's cake book!).
I was going to attempt a cut out number 2 for my girl's cake but I, a) wasn't brave enough and also, b) didn't want to waste any of the cake in case there was not enough to go round. 

Oh and finally the other big change this week has been the arrival of bunk beds in our house. They have meant that my boy has moved out of his cotbed into the top bunk into a new room. The bunk bed he is chuffed about, the room change not so much, although it is double the size but I know still he's used to his old space. Didn't take him long to adjust though and get used to it, he's sleeping much better now, waking up less so hooray for that! As for his little sister, we took down her baby cot (sniff sniff quite emotional) and have put her in my son's cotbed in his now old room. (I would love to insert a photo here of the beautiful new room arrangements however they're not in a state for anyone's eyes just yet....I hope to soon have time to decorate them so they will love their new rooms). So my daughter is not keen on the change either and so that's something we're working on and losing a lot of sleep over at the moment, arrrgh. We only had to put her back to bed ooooh 11 times last night and that's just one example. She has no bars to keep her in bed now you see? Yes exactly. We'll get there I'm sure. 

So there have been many lumps in my throat with school and birthdays and realising how grown up they are getting with all of this and the bed change around. I'm quite glad to be on the other side of it all now and getting on with it I have to admit. My boy is happy at school (but it feels like he's gone for so long, am missing him!) so that's obviously great and I'm getting more valuable time to hang out with my daughter and get to playgroups etc. as she is really at that age where she needs to interact with other little ones and not just me. 
So all is good after all this activity of late. It does make me look forward to Christmas though, and seeing the kids faces with the presents and excitement and getting to see more of friends and family. What a difference it makes having kids around at Christmas, much more fun! 86 days and counting...

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