Friday, 26 August 2011

Batman Live

I went to see Batman Live this week at the O2 Arena with my 4yr old son and what a brilliant show! 

Its the first time one of the most popular DC Comics Super Heroes has been bought to the stage and they certainly have gone to town in this production, it was quite spectacular. 

It's the first time my son has ever been to a show on this scale or to a venue of this size and there were lots of gasps by him throughout at the sheer space of the arena and also the surprises that the show presented. It was a joy to see his face taking it all in. I wasn't so sure what to expect of the show, and also whether my boy would be too young (he loves Super Heroes don't get me wrong...but Batman hasn't been top of his list...prior to Batman we were going through a Harry Potter phase...) but whilst the show does have a fair amount of scenes where the actors are telling the story (i.e. standing still and talking...not much fun for a 4yr old who couldn't quite grasp these detailed bits of the story/conversation), they were scripted as well as possible for most children to follow I think and were always quickly followed up by some sort of action scene or new character that would appear on the stage to keep even the youngest children's eyes glued to the stage.
Amazing costumes

The production included some brilliant sets, acrobatics including an amazing trapeze act, magic tricks, a huge Joker head that appeared with acrobats somersaulting out of it. Lots of airborn fighting scenes (all very 'pow', 'wham' - slow motion kid friendly type fighting). The costumes were all incredible too. What I thought was very effective was how they used the backdrop which was a screen in the shape of the Batman symbol to accompany the story. It would show comic book style scenes where it moved from page to page of the comic. Loved the bit where the Batmobile drove off the stage into the screen and the Batmobile then continued it's chase on the screen, very clever and very effective. 

Anyway I could go on and on! But I thought it was great, much more than I was expecting. My son absolutely loved it too, it was a late night for him but his excitement kept him going. Ready to drop by the time we got home though and insisted on wearing his Batman mask in bed. 
Obviously of huge appeal to Batman fans young and old but also a great family show whether Batman is your fave super hero or not! I would really recommend it. The show is touring the UK for 11 weeks and in London until 4th September, check out this page for more ticket information. Some pics below which you may notice are a combination of official pics and non-official taken by my own wobbly camera hand pics...!
Circus acrobats scene
We meet the Joker, he appears out of a Jack in the box
Spinning acrobats, sorry blurry pic, it was so cool though!

Giant Joker head with acrobats spinning out of the mouth, great scene.
Backdrop sccreen
Batman and Robin coming down into the batcave, this scene was great, can't quite capture it well enough on my camera though.
'The' Batmobile - huge gasp by my boy when this came on of course.
Another great set when the Joker appeared in a huge balloon
Batman's new sidekick

You can find lots more info on the Batman Live World Arena Tour website about the dates, venues and lots of information about the production and creative team behind the show too. There's also some games and cool downloads for your desktop or mobile.I think there is definitely a new super hero on the block in our house now, see ya later Harry Potter.

For tickets for the UK tour click here.

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