Thursday, 21 July 2011

Banana & Oat mini muffins

Due to a glorious 4.45am wake-up call by my sweet daughter I had some time on my hands this morning. Can’t blame her really, we had a bed shuffle round last night as my Mother-in-Law is visiting so whilst my little one was excited to go to sleep in her big brother’s bed last night, she was not too impressed when she woke up in it first thing (whilst big brother got the better end of the stick by staying with Nanny in baby sister’s room).

Hey ho, thankfully after much jumping on the bed by my little girl, she calmed down and chilled out a little so I had 5 mins (OK  maybe not that quick but pretty quick, only took 10-15 mins to mix up the ingredients) to whizz up some muffins for breakfast. I grabbed a recipe I found online which was really easy and smiles all round this morning to get some tasty cakes so early in the day!
I found this easy recipe on Mumsnet, click here for recipe.

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  1. can we have the resipe then????