Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sunshine in Wales

We had a really lovely weekend the other week in sunny Wales which I have been meaning to post since. Yes! This time it was sunny. It's fair to say the sun has not put his hat on very often when we usually visit my husband's Mum. Although, they live in such a pretty place, the sun doesn't need to shine all the time for you to appreciate the amazing landscape of rolling hills they live around. You only need to open their front door to hear the sheep next door 'Baaah-ing' and ahead is fields as far as you can see. You can see the Brecons from the back garden (don't expect a pic, forgot to take one...oops, next time). It's a very sweet little hamlet near Llandeilo, in Carmarthenshire, nearest shop is about 10-15 minute drive.

We made a brilliant decision on Friday morning to wake up at a stupid time (like 3am), get last bits together and wake up the kids and go. The theory behind it being that it would a) be the most likely time the kids may sleep some of the way b) less traffic on road c) I would arrive in time to watch the Royal Wedding! (I didn't go on about this one but this was part of my master plan). It normally takes us almost 5hrs, we did it in 3hrs. Result. Kids didn't sleep that much but it was all cope-able within that time. Nothing on the roads, amazing. Yes we were tired but thankfully with grandparents on hand, we could get some naps in during the day, hoorah for naps (once I had taken my eyes off the Royal Wedding on the box of course. Incidentally we were sadly missing my friend's Royal Wedding garden party, gutted! You can read about it on Lovethemgiants blog here). 

So anyway, energy restored, we had some really lovely trips out in the amazing countryside, I wanted to share some pics of what we got up to. Each trip out was never without baby girl saying 'Baaaah' at regular intervals as we passed field upon field of sheep.

Here are some pics of some memories from the trip that will stay with me:
Despite the wind, we hit the beach. Llansteffan beach. So bright and sunny but extremely breezy. Baby girl taking it all in.
Nanny L with baby girl.
Beach full of shells, must to the excitement of my boy. We took a bucket of shells home as he demanded. Has he asked for them since back? Of course not.
 My boy in the windy sand.
Time for a dip. Full clothing change followed for her! My boy actually stripped off completely and went in like a crazy child, hence I have no suitable pictures to put up here of him having a paddle! Very funny.
Not sure Daddy is totally happy about the impromptu paddling situation.

Black Lion pub in Abergorlech for a delicious Sunday Roast.
Trip to Llansteffan Castle.
View on our way up to the castle.
Are we nearly there yet?
A bit further still...
Aha worth the climb...."Wow there it is!"
What a view.
Just checking out the view from inside.
Exploring with Daddy.
Me trying to be take a clever scenic shot.
Oh here I go again. Except we're now at the 'wobbly bridge' next to Llandeilo station where we stopped before our drive back home.
Running off quick because Daddy is wobbling it too much.
A great weekend had by all, lucky we had the weather so we could get out and about, kids had a great time. Last summer we visited Anna Ryder Richardson's zoo Manor House Wildlife Park in Tenby which I would thoroughly recommend, we'll definitely try and get back there at some point, really well kept and happy animals, lots to see and do. 
We probably won't get back to Llandeilo until Christmas time now so that was our sunshine-y visit to Wales for this year. News on our most likely frost-y visit to follow later in the year, sure we'll still find some nice places to visit though.

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