Friday, 1 April 2011

Surprise photos for Mummy

This made me laugh, so thought I would share. I'm sure lots of parents with camera phones experience this kind of thing too, but I think the iPhone is particularly easy for a toddler to find their way around though (I'm still learning big time). One minute you've put it down, the next, your far too capable little one is snapping away, without your knowledge. The only tell tale sign is the low battery, you think, but check out the photo library, oh yes, they've been very busy. As I took a moment this week to browse through to get rid of it all, it did actually make me laugh some of the pics my boy (@itsamorningday) had taken, all things (toys, TV and his sis mainly) he loves. Here's a handful of them... 
First one of himself, obviously. Shame he's out of shot. Nice try.
Robot man or whatever he is, head lights up, he's a special toy anyway.
Backyardigans is it? Whatever was on at the time of shooting.
Baby sister's lovely legs.
One of his fave cars, close up.
Bug light in his room, he loves.
'Sid' the puppy without his kennel. Bottle teat on sofa?! Baby girl finds them...chews them.
Baby sister has got hold of the nappy bags, clearly she loves them.
He's even shooting on location, this looks like our road on route to somewhere, baby sis in foreground.
Baby sis taking some of her first steps and trying to grab the phone.
Wow, I think I will finish it there. I actually deleted what felt like hundreds, but these are some of the ones that actually made me smile and I couldn't quite delete. Just to see things that he chose to take pictures of and actually what he managed to, maybe there is a photographer in him yet. OK yes maybe he has got a long way to go but I like that he likes it right now.