Friday, 8 April 2011

Chick Chick Chicken

And so it begins, my boy went on his first Easter egg hunt of the holidays today at his nursery this morning and the Easter bunny rewarded him with his first Easter egg. Nursery finishes at midday and there was many a parent instructing their children "No, you cannot have the egg until Easter / until after your lunch... I said No". I was intending to go for the 'not until Easter' route but then I thought about how many more he is very likely to get and so to avoid a chocolate overdose over Easter weekend, what the heck, "You can have some after lunch". Yaaaaaaaay! 
So, after he tucked into some porridge for lunch (on this hot sunny day?! I know, strange, his choice, not mine, have to go with it as he is a fusspot eater), we had a quick little rendition of 'Chick, chick, chicken' to share with everyone before tucking into some of the egg for a treat. Baby girl was most pleased to be sharing some choc buttons with her big bro too.
Here's @itsamorningday's 'Chick, Chick Chicken' song for all to enjoy, you may need to up the volume a bit! 
Happy Easter holidays all! 

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