Sunday, 17 April 2011

First BBQ of the year

We finally had a weekend at home when the weather was good. So, of course, we had to have a BBQ. In April? Weirdly early but in a good way, can't complain hey.
The kids were loving being outside. Baby girl was attracted to the BBQ so kept needing to be steered away, but once she found her favourite place, the sand-pit, only a BBQ sausage (or anything else edible actually) was going to get her out of there. 
Beetroot, Pear and Feta salad
Sausages were indeed on the menu, along with spatch-cock chicken with Jamie Oliver's Barbecue sauce (if you haven't tried it, you must, we use it all the time especially in BBQ season, you can find the recipe in Jamie's 'Jamie at home' book or it's listed here. Some lovely coleslaw (Mum's recipe, can't beat it - it is simply a couple of good size carrots grated, half a small white cabbage chopped or grated, a squeeze of good old fashioned salad cream and a little English mustard to suit your taste), Beetroot, Pear and Feta salad (again it's Jamie's, first time we tried it and it's really tasty, you can find it here, Jersey Royals (they are in season and they are delicious so get out there and buy some) and some bread and yes I think that was it. Oooh and have you tried Abel & Cole's ketchup? It's so good, I may be converted. You can find it here
Lovely day and certainly the 1st BBQ of many this year, can't wait.

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