Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oral-B Power Challenge

My sparkly PC 500 Power brush awaiting the challenge.

For the next 30 days I shall be taking part in the Oral-B Power Challenge! This entails me trying out the new Britain's Brush - 'Oral-B Professional Care 500 Power Brush' that has arrived on my doorstep all shiny and new and full of British-ness.
I have been asked to report back on my experience using a power brush and whether I notice the difference from my manual brush at the end of the trial (watch this space for my video post to tell all about the results in 30 days). 
They say that power brushes are proven to remove twice as much plaque compared to a manual toothbrush and 9 out of 10 people who have tried a power toothbrush would not want to go back - so we'll see! I have certainly been meaning to change to a power brush for a while but never got round to it. Very excited to give this a go and hopefully change my teeth-brushing habits forever which I'm sure my teeth will be very thankful for.

I have some tips that Oral-B dental ambassador, Dr James Russell, has provided to help me along the way:

1. Floss: You must floss twice a day to achieve optimum oral  health.
2. Brush: Twice a day for 2 minutes. (The brush I have has a handy timer on to keep me on track.)
3. Curb snacking: Try to keep your snacks to foods like cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks which are all better for teeth.
4. Avoid: Fizzy drinks. Not only are these drinks often high in sugars but they are very acidic too. These acids can quickly erode tooth enamel.
5. Attend: Keep your regular dental and hygiene visits. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 

Hmmm...think I may have my work cut out sticking to these tips but hey, you know they all make sense, I shall do my best! 

If you fancy giving the power brush a go then now is definitely the time to do it. Not only is it National Smile month coming up (15th May - 15th June) but the brush named above will be available at the special half price offer of £22.50 between March and May (exact dates and offer details dependent on retailer). 
Off I go then, brush brush brush, actually, it's going to do all the hard work for me I hope...results to follow in 30 days.

For more information on Oral-B visit and follow Oral-B on Twitter

This is a sponsored post. 


  1. eagerly awaiting results!!! :-)

  2. I have read several claims of improved results as well as success stories emerging out of this challenge. I applaud this program from Oral B.

  3. You must be very excited with that 30-day challenge. I'm sure it was fun! I like using this brand particularly the electric toothbrush and it's effective in removing plaques and cavities.

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  4. Good luck on your challenge! This sounds so exciting. I wonder if they'll be hosting a similar contest in our area. DC cosmetic dentist

  5. I hope you get great results. I still prefer manual brushing to electronic though.


  6. Thank you for these dental tips, I recently just flossed my teeth and it feels so great.

  7. These dental tips are very awesome. Thank you for sharing this kind of information to us.

  8. This is ingenious product from oral-b! I would like to try it my self and soon I think i'll review it for the pros and cons.

  9. I heard about electric toothbrush method from my dentist. I don't know if it is better compare to manual brushing, but I might give it a try as well. dentist sevierville tn

  10. Always remember your dental check ups to prevent dental problems in the near future. emergency dental care

  11. I also use the same toothbrush and all I can say is that it works really great.

  12. I'm not really a fan of electric toothbrush because it's too bulky and heavy. I still prefer the conventional toothbrush in taking care of my teeth.
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  13. Me too. I'm not really into electric toothbrushes as well. It doesn't clean as well as the manual ones do.

  14. Cute toothbrush. I would love to try that. Hope it is as good as manual brushing.