Friday, 11 March 2011

Grown-up tears

My cherubs

Something happened this morning which made me cry. I had dropped off my boy at pre-school, on my way out with baby girl to toodle on home. There was a gathering of Mums at the gate, unusual as everyone is usually rushing to get away, I picked up the ripple of mumbling going on to hear that one of the Mums was missing her little girl, my boy's age (4yrs old - she's from his next door class). It took me a few seconds to realise they were serious, it wasn't just a '...oh there she is playing behind the brick wall', she really was there one minute and now she wasn't. I felt sick to the stomach suddenly and we stood there with our hands on our mouths or on our chests not really knowing what to do to help (the path was packed with Mums and others were helping to look). Then moments later, the Mummy appeared with her little girl, Mummy of course was in tears and I saw her face and just started crying as well, I just felt immense relief for her. The little girl had just run off to the loo in the infants whilst her older sister was being dropped off and not told Mummy. Innocent enough of course, she needed to go! But then she couldn't find the way back out and got lost. It can only have been maybe 5 mins I stood there and maybe 10 minutes for the Mummy (which must have been an eternity for her) but the feelings you go through when you put yourself in that situation, just horrible. 

Fortunately I have only been through it once, very briefly, in Mothercare, can't have been more than a minute, but my boy was there and then he wasn't. I remember the sick feeling and sudden panic and moments passed very slowly, and then he appeared and I shouted and he cried and ugggh...learnt my lesson about not taking your eyes off them for more than a second. 

This also reminds me about a time when I was little, I went to the park with my Nanny Dolly, I must have been oooh maybe 7/8yrs old. My Nan stopped to chat with a friend, and in my boredom I found a little path off the main path and followed it as a little adventure. I must have been in a total daydream, my nose down following my little exciting new path...and I ended up on the other side of the park on my own. I think I must have found the park-keeper to say 'hey I'm lost' and fortunately not a weirdo, and before I knew it, my Nan was coming towards me in tears along with my Mum & Dad. Oops, I felt awful and stupid. I remember saying "I just wanted to see where the path would go to...". Oh dear. I always remember this and especially now with children as I understand more obviously how she must have felt and what worry I must have put her through. Sorry Nan if you're up there somewhere having a read of this! 

Anyway I hope my children have an amazing sense of adventure and love to explore but please oh please tell us first where you're heading. 

P.S. I couldn't find a suitable pic that related to this post that didn't look a bit sad, so opted for one of my precious little ones instead (and no, generally they don't like to be that close...!)

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