Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can it be that difficult?

It is fair to say I have not had much luck finding a decent hairdresser to cut my boy's hair from his first cut aged about 18months, he's now 4yrs old.
I have tried places that are too far away and are overpriced but are lovely (like Igloo in Islington), first cut there was great, next one really not good so didn't go back. Hasn't put me off going back there completely I have to say, think was just bad luck that day. Then worked my way through a few barbers in the local area, as recommended by friends who had boys. 3 places later I did find somewhere who did a good cut, joy! Please don't shut down I will bring him here forever! But when I go back the next time, my man who cut before has left, I now have the owner who is very mouth-y and not so gently spoken with my boy when he's fidgeting around. Cut was rubbish too. Now when I say I'm not happy with the haircut, I'm really not being a fusspot I promise. I want a short back and sides but it's just the front I guess I am slightly fussy with - so many hairdressers just cut the front of his hair straight across giving the ol' pudding basin effect almost. All I'm asking for is a little bit of laying to soften it, can it really be that much to ask for?!

So anyway, here's the story, tried a new place last week, Essensuals salon (part of Toni & Guy - surely can't go wrong?). Half price for kids Mon/Tues/Wed (more on that later), brilliant, I'm there. Lovely girl takes quite a while to do the cut, my boy had about 3 clips holding his (quite short anyway) hair up so she could cut layer by layer. Anyway the result was OK, I thought at the time and told them so, so I am partly to blame it's true. Anyway we get home, mess with the hair a bit, realise it is a touch wonk-y, ugh. Wash it the next day, hmmm yes definitely not a good look. I really should go back. I should really go back even more so because it cost £16!! Yes! That was half price for a child!! Don't get me started.
I'm so rubbish when it comes to complaining though, no matter how much it cost. Friends and family were encouraging me to go back, but I put it off for a week, and even when I called it was in a pathetic and apologetic manner. Really silly I know but I find it just embarrassing and when I came to making the call I had to do it really quickly before I got distracted and put it off again! Anyway they were fine and we went back and they tidied it up a little. Although I did still get the scissors out when I got home to straighten it further, should have just done that in the first place. 
I would actually love to do a basic hairdressing course just to be able to cut the kids hair, no-one elses just theirs. Is there such a thing? Anyhoo, needless to say I won't be going back unfortunately. On to the next one. 
What am I going to be like getting my baby girl's hair cut when she needs one?! Something to look forward to.
Anyway little lesson learnt, make sure I'm 100% happy before leaving and do something about it if I'm not! 


  1. For the first few years, it really doesn't matter. The main goal is to keep it short and avoid getting hair into his eyes. As he starts interacting with other kids though, you might want to start bringing him to the barber.

  2. I took my son there 3 days before our family holiday, the hairdresser made a total mess of my son's lovely hair. She has cut the top much shorter than the front & top of his head, leaving him with hair sticking up. Im so annoyed & cant believe how bad it looks. Its been 3 weeks since the cut & its growing, but looks terrible. Ive found a beautiful place in crouch end.....very professional. They are going to sort mu babys hair out & make it look nice again. I will never use igloo again.