Saturday, 5 February 2011

Simple tasty Sat night pasta

As you can see, we have something of a collection of cookbooks. We try to have a clear out of those we don't use but we honestly do like to dip into most of them and find it hard to part with any very often. Scarily there are always new books we want too. 
We like to plan our meals at the weekend and make something special or at least make a bit of an effort with Saturday night dinner and and then something on Sunday. We would in an ideal world plan it earlier in the week and get our meat locally from our lovely butcher up the road, JD Chapman (they still have a little lady in a booth that takes your payment and writes it in a little book, how nice is that?!) however we lack organisation most weeks and end up trying to find the cut of meat we want at our local supermarket. We do love fish too, but a fishmongers is not in walking distance for us to support so again we do tend to rely on the supermarket selection which is OK but would love to get it from an independent.  

So onto the subject of this post, tonight's dinner was a very last minute recipe from Fallen Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros (one of my favourite cook books as well as her other, Apples for Jam), we fancied pasta, we fancied fish but nothing too long-winded. Her books are so nicely written, you could read them for hours, the recipes are diverse too, as she has travelled a lot through her life, and the photography is also so pretty. 
We chose Linguine with Prawns and Asparagus. Fry up some onion and garlic, take your portion of asparagus (based on however many you are making for obviously), chop up half and add to your onions/garlic to soften, cut of tips of rest of asparagus and boil until tender, keep separate. Add some white wine and some of the cooking water from the boiled asparagus to the softened onion/garlic/asparagus and blend this up to a sauce. Meanwhile boil your linguine until al dente (really lovely to have linguine instead of spaghetti here as it really holds the sauce much better), and cook your prawns with a splash of brandy until cooked. Mix everything together and top with a little parmesan and black pepper. Amazing, so tasty. Not even a huge fan of asparagus but would definitely do this one again. 

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