Monday, 14 February 2011

Redvelvet me up

Redvelvet cupcakes was on the baking agenda today. Not made them before, tasted the amazing versions from Hummingbird Bakery and whilst I do have their cook book, have always looked at them and thought oooh no, too special, I won't get it right. 
I was prompted however by the ol' Valentines feel of this week and the recipe that tempted me on by Sarah Adams (Sarah posts a delicious cake recipe every Friday on there for #tcif - 'thank cake it's friday' of course).
Ingredients in, me and my boy set to work, all was going well except for the slight overspill of cocoa into the mixing bowl, eek! Apart from that and the fact it meant the cakes were no longer redvelvet but cocoa velvet more like, they tasted delicious. We had to improvise a little with the heart decoration as we didn't have the fancy ones Sarah recommended. 
Absolute hit though and would definitely make these again, check out the recipe on the link above. Pay great attention to the measurements for red food colouring Vs cocoa! It's a fine line, for sure.
"Daddy, we made red Valentines cupcakes except they're brown because we added too much brown stuff...They taste really good though!" says @itsamorningday 

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