Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cherry on top card


Another birthday card I made this week for a friend. Took a quick pic before sending it off, really must learn a better technique at taking a better photo of my cards! These are pretty awful, need to sort the light, anyhoo you get the idea. My friend whom this was for also shares a love of baking (actually as do most of my friends) and so a cake theme was definitely needed for her card. It is a freehand outline drawing with black pen highlighted with a few colours. If I had more time I would have liked to have used coloured embossing powder as the highlighted areas but I thought it came out OK as a simple drawing anyway. Ahem, note to myself, must also pay more attention to background...I can spy a pack of baby wipes in the background of one of these pics! Ha ha, says it all. A quick craft-y moment that I managed to find in between wiping up some sort of baby / toddler spillage... Hoping to find more moments like this one (the craft-y kind, not the wiping up kind). 

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