Friday, 14 January 2011

Have missed the making

I made a birthday card for my friend today. I love making things and making cards is a hobby I used to enjoy a lot more pre-children when I had more time and more space to be art-y and craft-y. I wanted to put this up here because I would love to do more and hope it will inspire me further to keep making time. It's only a simple little design this one but I was pleased with it. Done in about 5 mins whilst my boy was watching Beebies and my baby girl was crying out for attention from her cot, having had her 40 winks (literally...oh when oh when will she have a 2hr nap like that Gina Ford tells you they do/should..?!). 

Anyway, my boy liked the card and said he'd like to help with the next one so watch this space. No, seriously really do watch this space as I definitely want to do more making this year, cards and more. I know handmade cards are everywhere now and there are some amazing ones, but through my experience of spending a lunch hour or 2 browsing the card section at Liberty London, (£5 or £6 for some of the cards! What?! I have been known to buy a card or 2 that I love, but not at that price might i add...) I definitely think if the design is different there is always space for something new out there. I think it's a must. There may be an initial partnership I can set up with my chum (whose card is above!) who with her husband runs this great toy website to offer cards with the toys she sells when mailing out. So that's definitely an exciting opportunity to make happen.

Talking of cards, not the handmade by me kind but some very lovely ones none the less, I am also a Phoenix Independent Trader. This basically means I sell greetings cards, gift wrap etc. in conjunction with Phoenix Trading. I signed up a few years ago because I loved the product and it is a flexible way of earning a bit of extra income alongside my job and family. I hold card parties, attend events, provide baskets for your office/school/charity. If you are interested in buying the cards or becoming a trader, do get in touch with me, my website is

Or if you'd like me to make you a bespoke handmade greeting card, also let me know! I can send you some examples/ideas.

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