Monday, 10 January 2011

Got carried away with all that Christmas stuff...hello again blog

Santa has been.
Yes, a Barbie doll, it was on his list.
Orange and Cinnamon biscuits, tasted lovely. But to look at? Yes, need to work on making them pretty, I agree.

I have not been showing enough love to my blog since Christmas, where did that time go? It was lovely, but so much I feel has happened, I thought I would just list some very quick highlighted points here (feels a bit work-y to do bullet points sorry but it will stop me rambling):
- Pre-Christmas, left my job of 10+years, very sad, but really felt like the right time to go.
- Wardrobes fitted in bedroom - why a bullet point for this I hear you cry? If you had seen our bedroom prior to wardrobes, you would know why this deserves it's pride of place on this list of highlights.
- Our first Christmas at home since moving into this house, momentous, lovely. My boy still surprised by footprints in the kitchen Christmas morning, baby girl surprisingly good at ripping up presents (even before 25th, ugh, lot of re-wrapping going on) for a 1yr old. Just lovely.
- Quiet new year, hubby cooked Chicken Massaman curry, Mum over for dinner, yum. Didn't even manage to stay up until midnight, ha ha! We will party again like it's 1999 one day in the future I'm sure...
- Started new job with my big sis, it's great, lovely people, very lucky, feels good.
I guess these are only some of the highlights really, too many to really mention. 
Resolutions if it's not too late, erm...:
- Get better at baking biscuits with my lovely new biscuit book thanks kids
- Enjoy more fun times with the kids now we have more time together, already am appreciating this, should have done it sooner
- Get organised 
- Finish house DIY (wishful thinking I know)
- Stress less
- stop wearing jeans and trainers all the time!
- Get more sleep (sadly do not feel in control of this one with little ones but I guess boring early nights are sometimes in order)
Looking back on these they are very much in wrong order, but hey, I will not stress about it!
Over and out. Here's to a happy 2011 to one and all, I feel it's going to be a good one.

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