Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Feel good breakfast - Hovis Challenge

Hovis Wholemeal

As you may have read in a previous post on my blog I recently took part in the Hovis Wholemeal Challenge courtesy of Hovis Wholemeal. They provided me with a delicious array of supplies in order for me to try out their lovely breakfast recipe suggestions. The tasty topping ideas to go on my Hovis Wholemeal toast included bananas and honey, poached egg and mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, all delicious and more than enough to fill me up until lunchtime without any snack cravings. And all for a very acceptable 300 calories or less. 

I was very encouraged by the challenge and was genuinely impressed that it really was filling me up but not in a stodgy way. I would definitely suggest you do not turn your back on some lovely Hovis Wholemeal for breakfast just because you think you should avoid bread when you're trying to be healthy and lose some pounds. You are just as well to have yourself a decent and honestly filling breakfast full of fibre no matter what diet you're on, as I'm sure like me you will honestly notice the difference and it really sets you up for the day. It has definitely changed my attitude to breakfast and I don't have a second thought that I should be avoiding bread now where as I did before. The delicious healthy toppings only make it even more enjoyable too. 

Fruity Yoghurt toast

There were 50 other bloggers who took part in the challenge. The first week we were asked to eat whatever we normally would for breakfast (...if and when I remembered to have breakfast...) and the second week we were asked to try the Hovis Wholemeal recipes for breakfast. The results were massively positive all round, showing that 64% of women who swapped their regular breakfast for Hovis Wholemeal felt fuller for longer and 86% agreed that eating Hovis Wholemeal for breakfast helped them snack less on naughty treats in-between breakfast and lunch. 

Pretty impressive results I think. I hope it encourages you to think twice about bread for breakfast and to give it a go. To help you, Hovis Wholemeal have set up a Facebook App where you can set yourself up a personal challenge (which can relate to your snacking vice...yikes) and you will be rewarded if you stick to your plan with recipes, medals, daily giveaways and motivational advice from Hovis ambassador and Olympic gold medalist, Victoria Pendleton. You'll also get to be part of a community of women who you can chat to / discuss your challange with to encourage each other along the way. Try it for yourself, 

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