Monday, 10 January 2011

Breakfast Satisfaction

I go through phases of making an effort to have breakfast, or a healthy breakfast should I say. I am usually running out of the door to work thinking I must have something healthy for breakfast but no time now and the intention is there, but 9 times out of 10 I end up grabbing a pastry or something equally as calorific for easiness and thinking I can get away with it. Then of course the danger begins around elevensies when you feel peckish for a pre-lunch snack. 

So, I was really thankful that I was recently supplied with the neccesary essentials from Hovis Wholemeal for me to take part in their Hovis Wholemeal campaign, to eat a healthy breakfast every day for a week (and obviously forever more I hope...!) to support the fact that a healthy Hovis breakfast can stop you snacking. The delivery included many lovely things including items I would not normally think about for breafkast or at least not with Wholemeal bread such as plain yogurt, cottage cheese and fruits. Plus a helpful list of quick recipe suggestions of no more than 300 calories each to try which looked and were delicious. 

I have to say I did have slight apprehension about having bread every day, which I would honestly normally try to avoid, however Hovis Wholemeal are setting out to challenge these misconceptions around carbs as they are obviously fully aware that especially as this time of year everyone is trying to cut them out! Basically the facts speak for themselves, when you are trying to watch your weight, you want something that will keep you fuller for longer and I can honestly say that I found this worked with Hovis Wholemeal, the key is all that lovely fibre you are filling yourself up with, stops you snacking, the proof is in the pudding (OK bread).

I tried the challenge for 7 days, which honestly wasn't a huge chore anyway as we tend to always have bread in the house because of the kids and we do tend to sometimes grab toast in the mornings as it's there and easy. However, when we do, we feel we (we by the way am talking also for my DH) maybe should not have had bread for breakfast, feeling a little guilty. What we never do is think about topping the toast with a some healthy toppings which will not only make breakfast more interesting but keep us fuller for longer and not break the calorie bank. 

The breakfast recipe ideas that Hovis Wholemeal suggested for the challenge included: 

Per Serving: 250 Calories, 3.9g Fat (of which 3.3g Saturates), 8.0g Fibre
  • Tomatoes and marmite on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted.
  • Tomatoes and cream cheese on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted (as per pic above).
  • Classic Banana on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted.
  • Banana, honey and cinnamon on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted.
  • Cottage cheese and honey on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted.
  • Low Fat cream cheese and grapes on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted.
  • Tasty soldiers made with Hovis Wholemeal toast and boiled egg.
  • Fruity yogurt toast (suggested with blueberries and banana slices).
  • Grilled flat mushrooms and poached egg on 2 Hovis Wholemeal slices toasted (as per below pic minus the mushrooms).

If served with 2 flat mushrooms the above breakfast which give you, per serving: 326 Calories, 15.2g Fat (of which 3.8g Saturates), 6.3g Fibre.

My favourite was the bananas on toast I have to say, love bananas, but had sooo not thought about bananas on toast! Took me back to my childhood and banana sandwiches...I think I just needed to be reminded to put bananas and bread together and it was a delicious result. Kept me full too and never needed a snack in between breakfast and lunch. 
Other recipes I tried which kept me equally full were the cottage cheese with honey (not a fan though, have to say, but I was intrigued so had to try it, fine without the honey for me), poached egg on toast (left off mushrooms), this was tasty, if only I could master poached eggs (I blame the equipment), tomatoes & cream cheese - liked this one too actually but bananas were the winner for me most likely due to my sweet tooth. Very impressed overall with how much all of it filled me up though and set me up for the day. I will certainly not have any issues in future in choosing a healthy Hovis Wholemeal breakfast, proudly and guilt-free! 

To check out more info and to support the Hovis Wholemeal Campaign, visit - it will genuinely help you to stop snacking if you indulge in a healthy Hovis Wholemeal breakfast and make any diet you're trying easier to endure!

This is a sponsored post.

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