Monday, 31 January 2011

Birthday festivities

Saturday was my birthday, I feel a bit older than I usually feel on previous birthdays but still not really panicing yet. Still on the safe side of a big '0' birthday. 

I didn't want a big fuss as always and so the last few days have just been spent with family and a few Mum chums just catching up, cooking some nice food, drinking some fizz and keeping the kids entertained.
Friday had a couple of my boy's friends over, us Mums hung out, broke up the arguments, wiped hands and bums when required, and ate cake and coffee in between, perfect (maybe the 'wiping bums' part would not be on my wishlist though). I attempted some Banana and cinnamon muffins from my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. I was most excited about trying them but actually was a little disappointed in the result. They were rather sticky, wrong texture, hmmm, may try them again another time. I heard actually that there were a few recipes in the Hummingbird book that had the wrong measurements of some of the ingredients. This made me relax slightly in that maybe the recipe I followed was printed wrong too. But alas, I checked out the websites where they list the corrections (it's very hidden, you'll find it here ) and this was not one of the recipes with any errors. Just an error in my skills there then, oops! Anyway kids scoffed happily and my friends were kind enough to finish theirs so none went to waste. Although I know I have not given this recipe a glowing recommendation here, I do have faith in this lovely book as I have tried other recipes so give it a go if you get your hands on the book! 

Besides the baking, my actual birthday was spent chilling at home, swimming session with the kids (really nice to have a weekly family outing we all get to do), then home for Hello Kitty cake courtesy of my big sis (no, not a secret fan of Hello Kitty, but it was a very cute cake which the kids of course were most excited to see "Pleeease can I have the ears!!") and out for a quick chinese and to see The Kings Speech with my lovely husband, a rare outing with just the two of us. I enjoyed the film, slightly slow but great story and acting, Firth is deserving of his Oscar nod for sure. My other half on the other hand slept through most of it, he found it veeeeery slow and slightly dull. Oh well you win some you lose some, my birthday, my choice of film! Lovely day though and was spoilt with lots of lovely pressies. Thank you everyone, if you're reading this you know who you are. xx

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