Sunday, 5 December 2010

To paint or thin, Disney Epic Mickey

I was treated to a pre-release demo last week of a new video game Disney Epic Mickey, exclusive to the Wii. Now, OK, yes, it is true, I am not a gamer, however, in my non experienced gamer opinion and as a wife of obsessed gamer and mum of soon to be obsessed gamer (my boy is 4yrs old but he's already taking his Dad's Nintendo DS to bed on occasion, days are numbered I know...) this game looks great. I love how true it is to that Disney look that we know and love as it has so many references to classic Mickey and Disney's heritage, it's just so nice to see that.

So the gist of the game is that Mickey goes on an epic journey of discovery in Wasteland, an alternate world made up of Disney's forgotten creative efforts, to change the world and become a hero of course! The key components of Mickey's power include the ability to use 'paint' or 'thinner' which pretty much shape his journey onwards, very clever. 

It's age rating is 7yrs+ by the way which I would say is fair for the skill involved however since putting it to the test at home, my 4yr old son was scarily very happy and accomplished at playing it. None of the scenes I thought he may cover his eyes at made him flinch at all. Anyhoo it's a great and fun filled adventure game and would definitely recommend as a Christmas gift for a gaming fan. Father and son in this household are hooked. If I had more time I may join them! It's out now exclusively for the Wii console. View some great behind the scenes footage of the game here:

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