Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Time to be Mummy again

Today was the last day for my baby girl at her nursery and the last day for my boy with his childminder...it's now all over to me. I start a new job in January with my big sis, my last 
day at my current job is Thursday, 2 days and counting (yes I am counting, sorry work people if you ever read this, I do love you but it's time for a change after 11yrs!)...and time to be Mummy again for a bit more of my week than I am now. 
Baby girl obviously didn't have any idea it was the last time she would be hanging out with her chums at nursery, she was her usual happy self when I turned up, but as always crawling towards me with speed like I had been away for a month. I know she's going to miss it there though, and I do feel guilty taking her away from her little chums and all her masses of toys and sand pits and messy play there. Only hope I can live up to nursery with some fun stuff at home to keep her just as happy. 
My boy is 4 so he understood it was his last day at his childminder today, I think he was a bit sad, as he's got to know the kids there really well and has a really good time. He is never pleased to see me when I collect him! More pressure on me to create some excitement at home to compete with the fun he had, hey ho. We'll be fine I'm sure! 

So anyway a few tears were shed and some overwhelming feelings today and this week. Feelings of relief to be leaving a job which is not making me happy, although has lots of happy memories and good friendships made, excited about working with my sister, and also about more time to be a Mummy, before time flies by completely and I miss the chance which is almost already happening. Slightly anxious about going bonkers being almost full time Mum but I know I just need to think twice about where I'd rather be, in a stressful job or spending more time with my kiddy winks even though they are sometimes a handful. At least in this job I can try and take control! Actually when I think about it, can't believe how much time I have missed, and makes me sad to think about how much money has been spent paying strangers to look after them so we could pay the bills. Anyway enough blubbing! Looking forward to all of it very much, I definitely know where I'd rather be and hopefully this change is going to make me much happier. Bring it on. 

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