Saturday, 13 November 2010

Today in london town

Today we ventured into town to see The Lord Mayors Show. I used to go when I was young and remembered being wow'd by it. Wasn't sure if my boy (4) was old enough to be interested, knew my baby girl (1yr) wouldn't have much choice but might like the bands playing, but thought hey, forecast is dry, it's free, let's get out for the day and give it a go. And let's double whammy and meet up with my sis too. We had a lovely day.
My boy did enjoy it but we didn't have a great view unfortunately, it seems it's very much a good idea to get there pretty early for a good spot. Not really an option with small children to arrive early and hang around but anyway we did see a lot of it OK and the highlights for my boy were really 'drums!', 'horses!', 'soldiers!' and 'steam train!' so he was happy, just got a bit bored half way through. Baby girl was fine watching the world go by in the buggy and waved arms frantically whenever a big band came by, bless. 

So, parade thing kind of done, we headed to eat. We met my big sis (who missed her favourite ever spin class to meet us, sorry and thanks) much to my boy's excitement and headed to the shiny new shopping centre nr. St Pauls, One New Change Had no idea it was there but OH works on Lombard St and had raved about it. It's very nice,little bit of a random bunch of shops and restaurants but didn't really get a chance to explore properly. Mango and Banana Republic was noted so that can only be a good thing. (Oh and big up the burger place in this shopping centre who this month are offering anyone taking part in the Mo-vember fundraising a free burger every day, more of that later.) A 30 minute queue later we sat in Zizi's to refuel, very nice it was too and lovely staff except for the manager who asked my boy not to stick his hands all over the windows and wave to people as it left sticky marks. Erm, hello, I know you've only been open a week but did you know you are running a family restaurant? You really need to get over the sticky fingers on windows, you're going to get that 100 times over my friend and most likely a lot worse to deal with. But he asked very nicely, wouldn't stop us going back. 

Headed home after this with a little stop via Guildhall when we glimpsed the Lord Mayor's golden carriage and horses having a little pitsop - 'those horses have very hairy feet' said my boy. He was taken my surprise when one of the Lord Mayor's comrades approached him and before my boy knew it was wearing this guy's hat and holding a golden crown stick (really sorry, I have so no idea what these important lord mayor golden royal stick  things are called, enlighten me if you do know) which he told us was worth £250K. My boy was star struck and posed for a nice photo. Then it was homeward bound, bye bye auntie / big sis. Until the next outing.
Oh and almost forget to re-mention Mo-vember, my OH is taking part, he's growing a silly moustache, he's going for the 'rockstar', it's not nice, and so please donate to make it worthwhile, all to a very worthy charity The Prostate Cancer Charity. OH's update/donation page: 

OK I have noted this post, all be it my first, is far too long right? Sorry have babbled on. Forgive me it's my first time at this blogging thing. I have enjoyed writing it but anxious that anyone might find it of any interest! Anyway hopefully it can only get better. Thanks for reading if you got this far! 

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