Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Papercuts in my lunchbreak

I visited an art gallery today. I can't remember the last time I did that, possibly college days, but it was an exhibition I read about, noticed it was near my work, and thought yes I must must go to that, must. And I actually did, surprised myself. Usually full of good intentions and all that and then miss the chance. Anyway it was the Rob Ryan exhibition 'The Stars Shine All Day Too' at The Air Gallery on Dover St, London W.1. 

I'm a big fan of his work which is making pictures out of papercutting, extremely intricate papercutting, amazing. Something I could have seen myself doing in another life! I've seen the screenprints for sale and thought wow but to see the original cut artwork up close is pretty stunning. Most of the works have really lovely romantic messages and stories on them too such as "My home will have no windows doors or floors nor bricks or mortar. My only home is in your arms and nowhere else" - which I learnt today have been written by the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. How about that? What a collaboration, guess it's who you know hey. I did wonder whether papercutting man Rob Ryan actually came up with those messages himself. But amazing anyway, the words and the pictures seem like the were meant to be together, very inspirational and would thoroughly recommend you see it up close, it's only on in London until Saturday though. Hmmm maybe I can treat myself to a small screen print (the ones in the gallery today started at £800 through to £20,000 eeek)...maybe a mug may be more within my budget.
Another artist I love of a similar kind of delicate style is a danish artist called Missemai. I own this tree print below which sits on my bedroom wall. 

Anyway i hope I may have inspired someone who reads this to visit an art exhibition or at least treat themselves to a beautiful picture you might have seen that makes you happy. Certainly brightened my day.

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  1. totally love Rob Ryan..have bought my daughter a RR print for Christmas! We got lucky about 10 years ago at the V&A where they were doing kid's lucky dips and Lucy pulled out a numbered limited edition Rob Ryan print! at the time she wasn't all that impressed but we are glad to have it now!