Friday, 19 November 2010

High Beech in the sunshine

This morning it was really foggy but the forecast was dry and so we arranged to meet up with 2 of my September mums (my NCT group from when my boy was born, am so grateful to NCT for the introduction to these now very good friends) to take a trip to High Beech. For those reading who do not know, this isn't actually too far from me, about 15 minute drive but it's a great spot in Epping Forest for a walk and to appreciate the season! 
By the time we met up after lunch, although still cold it was actually beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine, we were really glad we had got ourselves there. 
Kids were wellied up, spare clothes were at the ready, my baby girl is not walking yet so my big idea to avoid taking the buggy on the bumpy ground was to take the backpack she could sit in. Yes great idea, but she is a pretty big girl now although only 14 months. 1hr and 30 minutes later we'd had a really nice stroll but I had quite an achey back. Worth it though, kids loved it, made up stories about secret doors in the trees and finding magic stones that would open the secret doors, very cute. 
That was the highlight of my day today anyway, thought I would share. 

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